What is Open Source software?

What is open source software

As the name suggests the word open source means a program which can be modified by anyone as per his needs and demands. It is because the design of the program is publically available and can be used by anyone to get the program worked as he needs. The best part of the program is that it is free of charge most of the times. The components might be of monetary value but the best part is that in these are also free most of the time. The word Open Source has a very broad perspective and therefore it now does not only imply the free program but there are many other ideas which have been embedded in the framework.

Why is Open Source recommended?

There are many ideas which are related to the term Open Source and therefore it is highly advised to all to make sure that these programs are preferred. Why Open Source is needed is a question that has the multidimensional answer. There is no single reason which is associated with the idea. The fact of the matter is that there is a myriad of reasons which can be applied in favor of Open Source program. Some of the recommendations are mentioned as under.


The Open Source software program is highly stable and has a different framework or design as compared to the commercial developments. This framework is stable and makes sure that you get the best outcome. The difference between the programming structure and the workout of the program makes it easy for the users to make sure that the work is performed without any problem. The program can be completely changed if you want and there is no restriction at all. The Open Source software is the new way of embracing new technologies and therefore it is highly recommended to all users.

Examination of the program

Open Source programs can be examined by the users and therefore some features can be disabled if you don’t want to use these. The best part of the program is that you can make the changes to the desired parts on your own. It means that you need no professional help to make the tweak. The program which you want to change has already been discussed on the number of forums. This will make sure that you get the exact way to get the work done with ease. Another feature is that the developers of such program maintain a community which you can access to resolve all your problems.


This is another spell cast by the Open Source programs. The source code is accessible to all. You can rely on that code to change the features of the program which are regarded as highly useful. The users can also examine the code to make the changes so that the program can be used as per needs and demands. From skill development to the overall matchless usage of the program Open Source is a technology that will soon take over the internet smoothly.