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5 programming languages used for open source software

The advancement of the technology industry and internet usage in everyday life has increased drastically since the invention of the internet.

Open source software is software that allows their source code to be inspected and modified by the general public. This leads to frequent updates on the codes for the optimization of the functionality of the software. This open source codes are jointly developed in a public development manner. Continue reading “5 programming languages used for open source software”

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What are the advantages of Open Source?

The Open Source is a name of trust and quality. It is, therefore, the new brand of the internet. The best part of the Open Source program is the fact that it has 0 costing. It saves time and allows the users to overcome the problems which most of the paid programs cannot. The Open Source programs come with a huge cache of advantages which makes these programs the first and foremost choice of the users. Nowadays the users prefer to use the Open Source programs and the marketing value of the commercial products is deteriorating with every passing day. There are many advantages of using the Open Source programs. Some of the advantages are mentioned as under. Continue reading “What are the advantages of Open Source?”