List of the Open Source software programs every user should know

List of the Open Source software programs every user should know

The Open Source programs are an essential part of our internet and in some cases everyday life. It is all because of the fact that the programs are known for the quality and reliability which is embedded in these. The overall management of the program is highly stable and therefore these programs are used as an alternative to many commercial programs which use the same technology. There is a huge list of Open Source programs out of which the users are unaware of many. The best part of the Open Source technology is that the tech giants like Google have started to use the programs in such a manner that the benefits have started to maximize. The Open Source programs are highly stable, update frequently and make sure that you are never left alone when it comes to the support. Some of the most popular and noteworthy Open Source programs are listed as under.


It is a complete OS which has made sure that the users get all the facilities which paid OS such as Windows offer. The program can be coded and the results are highly in line with the user’s demands. The management of the OS is highly stable and the interface which is generated is highly user-friendly. The program is very stable and comes with continuous releases and safety updates. The OS has formed the basis of other programs which means that you can just let yourself know the Linux to grasp the new developments.


Another example of the best and the most advanced program which is again Open Source is the Android. From API 1 to API P all the versions of the android are a hit and currently it powers a billion devices. It is developed using the Linux Kernel and therefore it once again the Linux is a must for this program to run. Android is regarded as the best and the most used mobile OS of all times. Hardware giants such as Samsung are using Android OS exclusively on their mobile phones and it is all because of its user-friendly nature.


Developed in Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP the Word Press is a drag and drop web development environment which is highly in demand and allows the users to overcome the problems presented by other frameworks. It is very easy to work with the WordPress and the tools which are offered by it to make the work easier. Even a novice user can make use of the technology. The YouTube is full of WordPress tutorials. You can watch the one which interests you start developing websites today.


It can be regarded as the biggest rival to the Photoshop which program. The best part of the program is that it is free to download, install and use. The program has tons of features and with each new release more are added to the interface. The program is highly stable and therefore can be used to perform complex image editing tasks and 2D drawings.