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5 programming languages used for open source software

The advancement of the technology industry and internet usage in everyday life has increased drastically since the invention of the internet.

Open source software is software that allows their source code to be inspected and modified by the general public. This leads to frequent updates on the codes for the optimization of the functionality of the software. This open source codes are jointly developed in a public development manner. Continue reading “5 programming languages used for open source software”

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What are the advantages of Open Source?

The Open Source is a name of trust and quality. It is, therefore, the new brand of the internet. The best part of the Open Source program is the fact that it has 0 costing. It saves time and allows the users to overcome the problems which most of the paid programs cannot. The Open Source programs come with a huge cache of advantages which makes these programs the first and foremost choice of the users. Nowadays the users prefer to use the Open Source programs and the marketing value of the commercial products is deteriorating with every passing day. There are many advantages of using the Open Source programs. Some of the advantages are mentioned as under. Continue reading “What are the advantages of Open Source?”

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List of the Open Source software programs every user should know

The Open Source programs are an essential part of our internet and in some cases everyday life. It is all because of the fact that the programs are known for the quality and reliability which is embedded in these. The overall management of the program is highly stable and therefore these programs are used as an alternative to many commercial programs which use the same technology. There is a huge list of Open Source programs out of which the users are unaware of many. The best part of the Open Source technology is that the tech giants like Google have started to use the programs in such a manner that the benefits have started to maximize. The Open Source programs are highly stable, update frequently and make sure that you are never left alone when it comes to the support. Some of the most popular and noteworthy Open Source programs are listed as under. Continue reading “List of the Open Source software programs every user should know”

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What is Open Source software?

As the name suggests the word open source means a program which can be modified by anyone as per his needs and demands. It is because the design of the program is publically available and can be used by anyone to get the program worked as he needs. The best part of the program is that it is free of charge most of the times. The components might be of monetary value but the best part is that in these are also free most of the time. The word Open Source has a very broad perspective and therefore it now does not only imply the free program but there are many other ideas which have been embedded in the framework. Continue reading “What is Open Source software?”