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Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Apr 17 15:30:25 EDT 2006


In the category of "know your enemy", I will be attending this
presentation Thursday morning.
Ottawa is tomorrow morning, and Mississauga (at the MS Canada office,
pretty close to Matt) is May 9.
Sorry for the short notice, I just got the invite an hour or so ago.

If anyone else is interested in attending, feel free to register online.

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Subject: 	Expand Your Knowledge with Microsoft
Date: 	Mon, 17 Apr 2006 09:07:56 -0700
From: 	Jeffrey Ewin (Intl Vendor) <v-jewin at microsoft.com>
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By way of introduction, my name is Jeff Ewin. I am the TechNet Community
Manager at Microsoft Canada.

As the leader of a highly technical community, you know the importance
of providing your fellow user group members with the latest information
on the technology alternatives available. Here’s a chance for you and
your user group to Expand Your Knowledge and Stay Informed. I would like
to invite yourself and your members to the “Expand Your Knowledge Tour
2006” event with Barnaby Jeans. This complimentary event is being held
in cities across Canada during the Months of April and May.

Hear Barnaby Jeans
speak on the evolution of operating platforms. Gain insights into how
Linux and Open Source Software have developed, how they are tested,
distributed and more. Learn about how Microsoft approaches Security and
get the facts around vulnerability's. Explore the Ecosystem ­ who are
the players and who’s accountable for what. And finally, get the answers
to the questions on everybody’s mind: Are Linux and Open Source Software
driving technology innovation? What is the roadmap for strategic IT

As an added bonus, all attendees will receive the “Expand Your
Knowledge” kit to facilitate your continued learning and evaluation

Additional information for your members is included in the attached
invitation. To register, please visit:


Space is limited – RSVP soon. If for any reason members of the user
group are unable to register, please feel free to email me directly. I
look forward to seeing you at the event!

Jeff Ewin

TechNet Community Manager

Microsoft Canada

v-jewin at microsoft.com <mailto:v-jewin at microsoft.com>

905-568-0434 ext. 25723

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