[clue-volunteers] Introductions: Russell McOrmond

Russell McOrmond russell at flora.ca
Wed Apr 12 08:37:45 EDT 2006

   I am the newly "hired" (I'm not billing yet until we have money) 
policy coordinator for CLUE.

   Since other people mentioned times, I was introduces to Free Software 
in 1991/1992, making my first post to the gnu.misc.discuss newsgroup in 
February of 1992.  The topic?  Not surprisingly it was a copyright 
question, and I have learned quite a bit about this inappropriately 
complicated law since then: 

   I was one of those lucky few that got to read mailing list and 
newsgroup discussions in the community that were trying to convince 
Linus to use the GNU GPL for his software.  While I was convinced on the 
merits of the Copyleft (reciprocal) Free Software licenses right from 
the beginning, it is interesting history to note that Linus wasn't (and 
IMHO still isn't) convinced.

   I'm the co-coordinator for Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments 
http://goslingcommunity.org and the host for the Digital Copyright 
Canada forum http://digital-copyright.ca .  For money I'm a 
self-employed sysadmin, software author, policy wonk, etc http://flora.ca

   Oh, and please write a letter to your MP to let them know your 
thoughts about copyright and the harm to our community from the current 
direction of copyright revision.  Please convince everyone you know to 
do the same thing.  Go to http://digital-copyright.ca and you'll see a 
form letter you can send.

  Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <http://www.flora.ca/>
  2415+ Canadians oppose Bill C-60 which protects antiquated Recording,
  Movie and "software manufacturing" industries from modernization.
  Send a letter to your Canadian MP! --> http://digital-copyright.ca/

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