[clue-volunteers] Welcome to the CLUE volunteers list!

peter at netpedant.com peter at netpedant.com
Mon Apr 10 12:40:52 EDT 2006


I'm Peter H. Salus, elderly person.  Among other 
things, I'm the author of "A Quarter Century of
UNIX" (1994) and "Casting the Net" (1995).  I've
been Executive Director of USENIX, of the SUN
User Group, and of the Tcl/Tk Consortium; and
Vice President of the FSF.  I was a professor
at U of Toronto (1969-80), and a member of its
Governing Council (1976-79).  I'm currently a
historical consultant to IBM's lawyers in the
SCOG v IBM case and posting a new book on Groklaw.


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